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Guided by Venus with Sarah Hummel

Independent and distinct, Venus is the only planet to rotate in the opposite direction than all other planets.  Luminous and vibrant, it is the second brightest object in the sky, second only to the Moon.  Venus energy rules our sentiments and keeps us in harmony with the hard-hitting emotional, natural and cosmic worlds. Named after the Roman Goddess of love + beauty, Venus rules over grace, charm and beauty. 

Simply put, when we find ourselves in true Venus balance, we become glorious + Divine!  
In the Kundalini tradition, practicing Venus Kriyas are done to elevate relationship with Self + others to a purity and their highest vibration.  This effects relationship with a lover, friend, business partner, parent/child, or anyone to whom you give yourself.  In this unique practice, we will work with a partner to locate and maintain the neutrality of masculine and feminine energies within us.  We will chant mantra, move energy in the body to elevate consciousness, and go deep into meditative state.  This is powerful and transformative for all participants.  

Highly recommended for Kundalini yoga enthusiasts and those interested in gaining access into a Venus portal of self-satisfaction + greatest personal beauty.  Pre-registration with a partner (by any definition) is required to ensure equilibrium in practice.

$25 Self care investment

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