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It is hard to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle with all the stress and toxins in our environment. Often when something is off in our bodies we go to the doctor only for them to give us a pill that doesn’t actually get to the root of the cause. Do you suffer with symptoms like: Insomnia? Issues with your skin? Do you find yourself getting sick too often? Feel sluggish or low in energy? Are you interested in Prenatal or Postpartum health support? For issues such as these and much more we turn to Paige’s Mom, Beverly DeCer, or Mama B as she is known around here…

Mama B has a long history in healing work. An RN since the 70’s, Beverly has a solid background in medical science and physiology. While observing and experiencing the challenges of allopathic medicine in managing chronic health issues, Beverly began leaning toward more holistic and alternative approaches to health. She has focused on Ayurvedic rejuvenation, essential oils, homeopathy, nutrition, exercise and emotional components for healing. Family, friends, and colleagues have benefited from her suggestions…. she is the one who often gets a phone call to assess their health situation.

While the things she studied and experienced on her own were empowering and healing, Beverly’s interest in all things holistic caused her to lead a double life—stocking her medicine cabinets at home with supplements, essential oils and homeopathic remedies while trying not to be part of the medical industrial machine. Her last gig in geriatrics was very instructive though, on how mainstream medicine approaches aging and she now has developed a focus on rejuvenation instead of simply treating symptoms.

In 2012, Bev was thrilled to co-found MWJ with Paige, and begin manifesting her dream of focusing fully on the holistic side of health!! Around this time she began to study the dangers of water fluoridation, after discovering that Paige is allergic to fluoride. She began Fluoride Free Philadelphia and has since worked at the city and state level to end water fluoridation. She has also created a social media presence with Fluoride Free America, Fluoride Free Pennsylvania, and Fluoride Free Ohio. If you want to know more about water fluoridation, just ask her!

Mama B is grateful to the supportive family of MWJ and is looking forward to bringing more healing to more people through this phenomenal community. She is available for consultation, evaluation, and recommendations.

Consultations are available in person at the studio or over the phone.

Possible topics:

  • anxiety and depression

  • digestive issues

  • headaches & migraines

  • insomnia

  • postpartum health and depression

  • prenatal health

  • skin rashes

  • you name it!

$95 per hour and sliding scale available