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We are located in the heart of Philadelphia's Midtown Village.



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The Joint

Mama’s Wellness Joint is a boutique yoga studio and wellness center in the heart of Philadelphia. Founded by Paige Chapman, an accomplished, Philly-born Yoga instructor and Doula, MWJ provides Philadelphia area women and families with a range of alternative wellness workshops, yoga and movement classes meant to address the holistic needs of women, men, and their families (not just for Mama’s!!). Located on the corner of 11th and Pine in a historic space, Mamaʼs offers classes, workshops, and series that include: adult, prenatal, postpartum, kids, and family yoga; beginnerʼs yoga series; therapeutic yoga, reiki, birth and breastfeeding education; infant care & massage, essential oil workshops, intuitive development, full moon women’s circles, and a myriad of other workshops and events centered in this theme. There is also an excellent in-house massage therapist (prenatal too!).

In our boutique you can find essential oils, candles, custom eye pillows, hand made jewelry, leather accessories, headbands and turbans, teas, books, our own line of lotions & potions, local honey, palo santo, sage bundles, crystals, dream catchers, amber teething necklaces, and more.

Mamaʼs Wellness Joint was born of the idea that Philadelphia women and families needed a comprehensive, safe, and welcoming space to learn more about how to better care for themselves and their children, all in one place. After garnering quite a following teaching yoga in Philadelphia, then later as a much sought-after Doula, Paige Chapman decided to launch Mamaʼs to even further enhance her ability to serve her community of Philadelphia women and families.

Mamaʼs Wellness Joint is dedicated to the healing of men, women, and children of all ages.


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