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Love, Food: An Exploration of Mindful Eating, Body Kindness & Compassionate Self Care

Enough dieting and deprivation, It’s time to harness the joys of eating well. Unpack the emotions that prevent you from accepting and caring for yourself in loving way.

In this workshop, Katie Cavuto MS, RD, RYT-200, will help you redefine your relationship with food through positive intention setting, exercises in mindful eating, self-love, intuitive movement and food gratitude. Learn to connect with your intuition to better understand your body's individual needs. Replace the rigidity and negativity found in numeric, weight based goals. Overcome preconceived messages around health and nutrition and learn to create meaningful intentions that are meant for your wellness path as health and self-worth can and does exist at every size. 

Activities include:

o    Exploring your relationship with food and self 

o    Debunking nutrition myths

o    Simplifying nutrition messages

o    Intuitive and Mindful Eating exercises 

o    Food Gratitude Exercise

o    Body Positive Activity

Katie Cavuto MS, RD, RYT-200 is a Philadelphia-based integrative dietitian and wellness advocate. She aims to inspire people to live well through messages of self-love, food gratitude, mindfulness and body kindness. She is a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, and she uses her diverse background, as well as the lessons she has learned from her chronic illness journey, to support her clients in learning to connect with their intuition and self-healing powers. Health is holistic, and wellness is a personal path though the foundations for most are rooted in trust, self-love, self-respect, and abundant joy. She celebrates these principles as well as your need for simplicity and approachability. Katie’s recipes and wellness tips have been showcased in several on-line and print national magazines as well as on local and national TV.

$50 Self Care Investment.

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