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Heal your Spine, Hip, and Pelvic FLOOR with Hina Sheth

Heal your spine, hip, pelvic floor, and much more when the true CORE is RESTORED in this two-day workshop on Tuesday, 11/5 & Thursday, 11/7, both from 7:30-9:30pm.

What is a truly strong core? 6-pack abs, 10-minute planks, and hundreds of crunches? THINK AGAIN. 

This two-day course will explain the anatomy of the "true core" and how it affects all aspects of your movement. Your core can be the culprit behind everything from hip, low-back, and pelvic pain to pelvic floor issues, such as incontinence, pain with intercourse, prolapse, endometriosis, tailbone pain, urinary frequency, and more. You will learn how to connect with your inner core muscles and how to incorporate them into your yoga practice and daily life for better balance, stability and wellness.

On day 1 of this two-part class, we’ll explain:

  • how to contract and relax your core during your yoga practice

  • exercises you can do at home to build your core strength

  • how to identify and address misalignments

  • how to release fascia and muscles connected to the core

On day 2, we’ll work on applying what we have learned about the core to functional movement and exercise, as well as to your yoga practice. 

Self-care Investment: $80 for both days

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Hina Sheth is an orthopedic, pelvic floor physical therapist as well as a functional movement and functional medicine practitioner.  She started Rebalance Physical Therapy in 2004 after seeing the need for a more integrated and holistic way of treating orthopedic and pelvic floor conditions.  Her clinic is renowned for treatment of complex spine, hip and pelvic floor dysfunctions and most recently integrating functional medicine.  With nearly 20 years of experience, she has educated  hundreds of health care professionals and individuals on the importance of the "true" core and its impact on most musculoskeletal aches, pains and dysfunctions.