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Full Moon Sound Bath with Sarah Hummel

Full Moon energy helps concentrate your own energy to harness change, through symbolic or real action. The lunar cycle is meant to mark a personal turning point or let go of things that weigh you down or hold you back. It's a magical time to spark intentions that you are holding in your heart and shift them to a higher vibration, within your reach. It's a wonderful time to activate the Law of Attraction and ground your dreams, allowing them to manifest.

Sound Bath is a multi-faceted, layered meditation relaxation using the Gong, crystal alchemy bowls, Japanese chimes, Himalayan singing bowls, and the power of our collective voice. You are invited to connect with this powerful lunar energy to redirect your life course, deeply relax the body, quiet the mind and explore self-study on this auspicious day of transformation and self-care.

Self-care investment: $25

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