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Harvest Moon Meditation with Sarah Hummel

The Harvest moon is a time to be productive yet independent in your endeavors.  It's a moon that calls our solo efforts to the forefront, to work separate from the pack, free from the influence of mainstream expectations.  It asks you to get down to the nitty gritty and be precise and strategic in your plan, even if it goes against the grain and isn't the most popular direction.  A perfect time to join forces with the independent powers of those around us, willing to pave the way and pioneer a new path to travel.  In this meditation we will maintain our autonomous seat while simultaneously merging with the group, with no difference between them.  

"A very delicate and sublime sensitivity will be developed in this process. The effect is that you are multiplied by the total number of people participating plus twice the number squared. This number times each meditative repetition, equals the effect. This means the effect of a few hundred thousand repetitions can be achieved in a moderate size group in a short time."  -Yogi Bhajan

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