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Through the Portal of the Magnetic Moon with Sarah Hummel

Lock in, project, excel, propel. Harnessing the power of the Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse, we will go deep deep within the psyche, traveling through space with this potent Full Moon meditation. DHRIB DRISTI, LOCHNA, KARMA - ACQUIRING THE ACTION OF INSIGHT INTO THE FUTURE. This is a time when the mind is fully expanded, not to be wasted. Join us for an unforgettable experience of the Self.

*Open to ALL LEVELS, No experience necessary.  Open mind + open heart = transformation for all!

"Mind can make you King and mind can make you beggar, mind can make you hero, mind can make you a coward, and now you are going to capture that mind who can go free of you, naturally the process seems to be little hard, but you have got a powerful thing over mind that is your will, use you will, so be it, so be now." Yogi Bhajan

$30 Self Care Investment. Register HERE!