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Subtle Sound Bath with Ilia Stranko

Imagine being immersed in the subtle sounds of Himalayan singing bowls. These bowls are healing to your body, mind & soul.  Sound Therapy creates a deeply relaxing meditative state as it calms your central nervous system.  This class will begin with a short meditation and, as your mind settles, the sound of the bowls gently emerges and other soft sounds begin whistling by you. At times a bowl will be placed on your body, so you not only hear the sound, but you also feel the vibration of the bowls rippling through your body & soul. You will sink deeper into shavasana as your physical body and energetic body begin to realign, it’s from this place of deep relaxation that your body will receive all you need. You will leave feeling mentally calm and physically relaxed.

About ilia:

ilia Stranko will be your guide through sound. Ilia is an intuitive life coach, certified vibrational sound practitioner, reiki master, and licensed massage therapist who guides modern soul searchers through the next steps of their journey. She cares deeply about helping people create true change in their life and firmly believes in the healing power of connecting with our highest selves. In her private practice she uses a combination of coaching, sound therapy, energy work, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage to help her clients learn to trust their body again while releasing negative patterns from their life. They also learn to trust their intuition, create a soulful practice that feels good, manage their energetic body, and most importantly, how to embrace their emerging selves that comes from creating a soul driven life! To learn more about ilia, visit

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