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Mama Love with Paige & Sarah

A mother’s prayer carries the strongest vibration to create the greatest impact on her child. On Mother's Day you are invited to sit in that space of the Mother’s prayer to grow, heal and enliven the spirit. Paige and Sarah will co-create a space for honor, healing, loving, opening and exploring the relationship of the Divine Mother in our hearts. You can be the mother of a business, a child, your family, or a creation all your own. Paige will lead a fluid and warming Vinyasa practice intending to build warmth from within and free the body of restrictions and limitations. Sarah will compliment the warming flow with Kundalini inspired movement and meditation to shift energy from feeling stuck and heavy to elevated and light. We’ll finish the class with extended Savasana and Sound Bath from the deeply healing Gong. You will experience your own greatness and hear the call of the Divine Mother to be your most beautiful and truest Self on a day that is meant to celebrate your Sacred Feminine and all the generations of women who instilled in your such power and grace. Bring a mama, sister, daughter, aunt, friend! This class will catapult your day to feel special and celebratory, no matter what how traditional or unconventional your Mother’s Day plans are!

$22 Self care investment

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