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Pressing Pause on "Mommy Juice" Gathering: to question the message that mamas need wine

It seems wherever we look there is a message that motherhood is something to survive and wine is an essential tool and your best ally in the struggle. WHAT?? Says who??

If you are a Mom the pressure is on, the struggles are real, and the stakes are high. But right now, for the first time there is an unprecedented push to target Moms as consumers of alcohol.

It’s time to press pause on the “Mommy Juice” memes and mindfully consider the real effects of Mama’s Little helper.

From Annie: Nearly three years ago I put down my last drink in an attempt to change my relationship to alcohol. At the time, my kids where 11 and 20. If I only knew when they were little what I know now!!

I am not a prohibitionist, but I am a dry life promoter dedicated to creating spaces where women can gather to support each other and catch a buzz from meaningful connection irl and on Instagram @henstails.

Please join me for an intimate gathering over mocktails to share concerns and questions about ways to thrive in motherhood without “Mommy Juice” – from tips for a sobriety tool box to “what to drink when you are not drinking”. 

Self Care Investment: $22

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