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Radiant One Transformation Virtual Experience with Paige Chapman

Twice a year Paige Chapman (yoga teacher, doula, self care mentor, and the owner and founder of Mama's Wellness Joint) offers RADIANT ONE, a six week virtual Transformation Experience that you can do from anywhere.

What if you could take some real time to invest in yourself and get your power back?? How good would it feel to be supported as you learn simple practices and tools that would help you find more energy, balance, inspiration, and joy to enhance your life? If the answer is REALLY GOOD...we got you!

You are cordially invited to join Paige September 30th-November 8th for Radiant One. Receive $100 off by September 1st when you use the code RADIANTME.

Throughout the course you will be given basic and accessible tools to take care of yourself - even on the busiest of days. At the beginning of the program you will receive a one on one coaching call with Paige that will not only offer guidance, but will help her design the program to meet everyone’s specific needs.

Before the program begins you will also receive her gorgeous curated Goddess Kit that includes all the goodies you will need to dive into your new self care rituals...handmade rose bath salts, crystals, a Goddess oracle deck, a rose quartz pendulum, essential oils, her sought after aromatherapy spray, and more! You will also be gifted (6) meditation videos and (2) movement practices practices that you can keep forever. We will use them in our program to nurture our minds and bodies while nourishing our over taxed nervous system.

And there’s more! Every week we will have a one hour online group chat where you will receive Paige’s guidance along with the support of our sweet group to give you the momentum to keep up the good work. In our group conversations we will discuss how to: reclaim our almighty feminine power, create much needed boundaries, re-energize, bring more love and consciousness into our relationships, magnetize a partner, bring more creativity and joy into our work space, honor our bodies, and get out of our own way! Let’s release our habits of negative self talk, comparison, and judgement together.

At the end of our experience you will have a “clarity call” session with Paige where you will reflect on your transformation and she will offer guidance to keep you connected to the progress of your practice. You will receive a Spotify mantra list to keep our vibes high all day long as well as our Radiant One Facebook group where Paige will be posting topics like the energetic theme of the month, confidence building exercises, astrology reports, and more!

Through this program you will start to experience the deeply balancing effects of small efforts done often. These are real world practices for our wildly busy lives. Once you truly feel the effects of the Radiant One practices and teachings, creating time for self care will no longer feel like a chore - it will feel like a gift.


  • Two 30-minute personal phone calls with Paige to check in and share where you’re coming from so she can design the program with you in mind. And at the end of the program you will have a “Clarity Call” where you can identify your transformation plus discuss ways that you can continue to thrive on your journey

  • The Radiant One Self Care Goddess Kit that will include all the goodies you will need to take this journey now and into the future ($100 value)

  • A virtual Self Care Study group call once per week that will be recorded if you can’t make it live. We will take a poll on what is the best time for us to meet each week to ensure that as many goddesses can participate as possible

  • One meditation per week from Paige to ground, center, energize and empower you - 6 meditations that will arrive on the same day every week to keep you on track, that you will have access to forever

  • Two of Paige's signatureGoddess Flows:’ One shorter movement practice to do when you’re tight on time and a longer version for those more spacious days

  • A Spotify mantra list to keep the vibes and our subconscious high so that we are not self sabotaging

  • A private Facebook group to stay connected, ask questions, and share experiences

  • Unlimited email access to Paige, any day and anytime

We hope you will join us this fall for a truly exceptional experience! And if you are still unsure, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee. Here’s to a truly radiant you!

YES PLEASE! Receive $100 off by September 1st when you use the code RADIANTME

“I chose Radiant One to support me through a major life transition, where I knew I may otherwise deplete myself. Paige’s compassion, encouragement to see and name our strengths, and offerings of tools to support our spiritual growth/self-care helped me to stay committed to mySelf while I made sure I was giving my best to my work. And I received just what I came for: loving accountability that kept reminding me of my commitment to mySelf and being witnessed in community. I am so very grateful for Paige’s generosity of heart and willingness to share her experiences/practices/tools so others may learn to sustain themselves along their spiritual and self-care journey!” BW

“I really was going through a difficult time when we started radiant one. That time of year is notoriously hard for me and I was definitely at a cross roads looking to shake off old patterns and insecurities and see myself for the woman I am today. I feel that the practices big and small that I implemented because of radiant one helped to shift things forward for me. I feel more empowered and informed! ” MS

“This course took me to a whole different dimension. The weekly meditation practices were my favorite part and it was so nice to connect with others who are going through the journey alongside you. I was living in a world of chaos but this course definitely taught me some really awesome practices I that can just pull out of my back pocket whenever I need them! The weekly conversations were great too as it helped me be more aware of what I’m putting out there in the world - these were very honest and vulnerable conversations and I felt great relief that I wasn’t alone. Overall, I highly recommend this if you need a good reset and want to start focusing on caring for yourself.” CP

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