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Postpartum Healing Hang: Discussion + Support with Deb Brownstein

Join certified pelvic health yoga therapist, Deb Brownstein, in a part discussion, part experiential journey of self discovery around your pelvic health. Each month we will gather and discuss a published journal article in the field of pelvic health and use that as a jumping point for learning, discussing and supporting ourselves in our bodies through awareness of our pelvic health status. You can bring something to write in so that you can reflect on your insights from the discussion later. Bring a snack, babies are welcome also and be ready to ask questions. A list of awesome resources will be provided
every time. Without a beginning, there is no progress. Without some change there is no end to pain and other sexual dysfunctions that can occur. We can be grateful that there is much research on these topics and use this information to point ourselves in the right direction. Then we will look to ourselves to continue the path. Each class will begin with a restorative pose and pelvic (diaphragmatic) breathing and end with a grounding meditation.

Self-care investment: $12

October’s Theme: How pelvic positioning affects your body (by Johanna Hess, PT)

*what does the appearance of a flat butt have to do with pelvic health?

*what does posture have to do with the pelvic floor?

*what does the tension or its opposite, lack of tone in the pelvic floor have to do with bladder control?

*how to find neutral pelvic and rib positioning

*breaking down the perfect dynamic squat routine for pelvic floor health (no kegels!)

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* This class will run every FIRST TUESDAY of the month, 2-3pm