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Weekend of Beauty! Saturday June 8th-Sunday June 9th

You are cordially invited to our first ever WEEKEND OF BEAUTY! Join us on June 8th and 9th for two days of all natural, ancient beauty rituals.

Join our resident Kundalini Yoga teacher, Lori Hedrick, for Glowing Goddess: An Ethereal Kundalini & Live Harp Experience on Saturday, June 8th at 1:00pm. For those of you who know Lori her skin is radiant and glowing even at 40+! Come and find out her secrets...with a live harpist no less! Kundalini Yoga provides many sacred Kriyas, meditations, and yogic lifestyle practices that promote the beauty, power and radiance of women. Lori will lead you through a variety of movements, breathing techniques and meditations that help to build collagen, improve the glandular and nervous systems, strengthen the aura and boost self confidence.

And then on Sunday acupuncturist and Gua Sha expert Samantha Story will be in town from NYC to share her Facial Gua Sha with Point Activation workshop (all the rage right now with natural beauty care) on June 9th at 2:30pm. Come learn the ancient beauty ritual of facial gua sha, a practice that supports your health and glow at the same time. Facial gua sha relaxes tension in facial muscles, increases circulation and lymphatic drainage resulting in a relaxed and sculpted face. You will leave this class with an at home facial gua sha routine that includes key acupuncture points to augment your results. This class is appropriate for beginners or those familiar with facial gua sha, but looking to take their routine to the next level. 

Saturday, 1-3pm: Glowing Goddess: $40 - Click HERE

Sunday 2:30-4:30pm: Facial Gua Sha with Point Activation, $70 - Click HERE

Make it a weekend ritual experience and save by purchasing both for $99 - Click HERE