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Spiritually Curious: What Clair are you? with Ilia Stranko

Every Tuesday in June— June 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Have you ever had that moment where you “just knew” something? Come to find out were right. Or a time you were thinking of your best friend, and the next thing you know your phone vibrates and it’s her? Next thought that runs through your mind is - “oh that’s just a coincidence”. There comes a time when these coincidences have happened one too many times and you're ready to learn more, ready to uncover how this works. What you’re using is what I like to call your spidey senses (lol). We all have a way of interpreting information that is being given to us, some call it: receiving messages, downloads, intuition, gifts….there are lots of names for it but at the end of the day we all interpret this information through our extra sensory perception called our Clairs.

During this four week series we will explore the four main Clairs; Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience. You will learn your dominant clair-style and how to deepen your connection to each clair. Through mediation and homework, you will strengthen your intuition and discover how truly connected you are to the subtle energy all around us. No previous knowledge or meditation experience necessary. Come with open heart and a curious soul.

Join us for this interactive workshop, led by our very own, Ilia Stranko. Ilia Stranko is an an intuitive life coach, empath, public speaker, certified vibrational sound therapist, reiki master, and licensed massage therapist who guides modern soul-searchers along their journey.

She left a 10-year career as a social worker and went into years of deep spiritual study and emerged on a new path: to help people heal by using their energetic body as a guide.

In her private practice, she uses a combination of intuitive coaching, sound therapy, energy work, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage to help her clients learn to trust their bodies again, while releasing negative patterns from their life.

In addition to her in-person private practice, she teaches workshops in the community, offers online intuitive coaching, distance energy readings, chakra energy readings, home clearings and spiritual guidance. Her favorite thing is to teach individuals how to trust their intuition, create a soulful practice that feels good to them, manage their energetic body, and most importantly, how to embrace a new path that comes from creating a soul-driven life. Learn more at

$157 Self Care Investment for the 4-class series

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