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Ethereal Being: A Kundalini & Live Harp Experience with Lori Hedrick

Please join MWJ’s resident Kundalini teacher, Lori Hedrick and local harpist extraordinaire Lizzie Steiner for this full sensory workshop! 

ETHEREAL BEING works on cultivating the 10th body, the Radiant Body, the carrier of the aura, arc-line and electromagnetic field. This energy field extends 9 feet around us in all directions. When it is strong we project grace, royalty and confidence when it is weak we can become timid, insecure and fearful of conflict. By strengthening the Radiant Body from the inside out we not only work on projecting our best selves but we can also uplift others around us just from our sheer presence! 

Lori will guide you through sacred Kundalini Kriyas, meditations and breathing exercises while Lizzie will provide the musical backdrop and an extended sound bath for complete relaxation! Do not miss out on this ethereal event!

$40 investment

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