You are cordially invited to join Paige Chapman- yoga teacher, doula, self care coach, and the owner and founder of Mama's Wellness Joint on a two month transformation journey. We’re going to take our self-care practices to the next level as we move through whatever may be holding us back from being the Radiant Ones that we were born to be.

RADIANT ONE is for you if you…
* feel busy and overstressed
* feel scattered, run down, personally neglected, and frayed
* keep saying “yes” to the wrong things
* are caught up in comparison, judgements, and false timelines
* feel lost and uninspired
* are tired of feeling disconnected to yourself and perhaps others
* are looking for a supportive and deep community of women
* are stressed out by the dating world or the overwhelm of being a mom
* have a job, partnership, or lack of relationship that is creating feelings of being sad, stuck, stressed, or depressed


Radiant One will be a deep transformational journey that will not only empower you to lead your best life, it will turn you on to magical self care tricks to make it sustainable far beyond our time together.

This will be a virtual course that will run for 8 weeks in January and February (we will begin the week of Jan 7th)


* One 30-minute personal phone call with Paige to check in and share where you’re coming from and why you’re joining our group so I can better design the program to meet your needs

* The Radiant One Self Care Goddess Kit that will include all the goodies you will need to take this journey now and into the future ($100 value)

* A virtual Self Care Study group call once per week that will be recorded if you can’t make it live. We will take a poll on what is the best time for us to meet each week to ensure that as many goddesses can participate as possible

* One meditation per week from Paige to ground, center, energize and empower you - that's 8 meditations to keep with you forever

* Two of Paige's signature ‘Goddess Flows:’ One shorter movement practice to do when you’re tight on time and a longer version for those more spacious days

* A Spotify mantra list to keep the vibes and our subconscious high so that we are not self sabotaging

* A private Facebook group to stay connected, ask questions, and share experiences

* At the end of our time together you will get a 45 minute Clarity Call with Paige to acknowledge your wins and receive a personalized meditation and suggestions on how to move your self care practice forward in a sustainable way

* Unlimited email access to Paige, any day and anytime

We hope you will consider joining us on this incredibly special and transformative journey! For further information please contact us at info@mamaswellnessjoint.com