Class Descriptions


Align and Flow – A flow style class with particular attention to alignment and body awareness. Props are used and time is spent to fine tune the asanas.

Chair Yoga – Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga for those who have a hard time getting up and down from the floor. From a comfortable seated position we will practice breathwork, meditation, and stretches that will deepen flexibility and strengthens personal body awareness. Wonderful for issues such as: hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, vertigo, multiple sclerosis, Osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, clinical depression, and chronic pain. All are welcome and seniors get 15% off.

Gentle Vinyasa – A nurturing all levels vinyasa practice where movement and restorative poses are weaved together. You will still get a flow, but also a bit more R&R. This class is good for beginners, a more mature age, and postpartum.

Kundalini – Brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan, “Kundalini” simply means energy. This practice is for everyone. Join us for this deeply transformative practice that includes meditations and movements inspired by our breath. Prenatal friendly, no need to have any yoga experience, wear whatever you like, and open to children 4 and up. Drop into your true radiance and get ready for a serious “yoga high.”

Postpartum Rebuild – Post partum yoga is ideal for moms wanting to return to exercise in a safe and effective way, typically around 6 -8 weeks after delivery.  In this class we will focus on rebuilding the core which covers not only the front body but also the pelvic floor and lower-middle back.  We will utilize yoga, pilates and other modalities to emphasize actions that support core strength while also stretching the areas that get tight from sitting and nursing/feeding: the shoulders and legs.  Class will become a community for moms in which to share “new mom” concerns, find support (You are NOT alone!) and resources and ultimately, relax in a final restorative pose. You’re welcome to bring your baby up to 3 months. (you may also want to bring a towel to this class)

Radiant Flow – A little bit Align & Flow, a little bit Gentle Vinyasa, this will be a sweet, fluid, and energized flow for the whole body. Tapping into some restorative love through movement and breathwork, we guarantee that you will walk out of our doors feeling radiant!

Muscle & Flow – A fusion of strength training, cardio intervals, and yoga. During this workout for the body, mind and spirit, you will be guided through creative, flowing sequences with yoga props and resistance bands – moving both on and off the mat. Along with an amazing soundtrack, this is a holistic fitness class designed to uplift and empower you! (Not for our Prenatal ladies and you would want to be further along in your Postpartum healing)

Meditation and Mudras – SO healing!! Join us for some Deep Self Care and Sacred Beauty Rituals. What we will explore: Tuning into your body to make space for your Creative Energy, Releasing patterns of emotional stress and mental overactivity. Tuning into your natural animal rhythms. Learning self forgiveness. Learning how to self soothe with your own faculties. Using Breath, Mudras (hand positions) and Mantras (repeating specific sounds) you will experience a biochemical transformation. You can then take these practices home and make them you own whenever you find that you may need some extra support. May you unlock your perception, awakening to your true self. Without the need for “things” to see your Beauty. Find your particular Sacred dance as we weave a new way of self reverence and a chance at Peace on Earth. Open to all those curious and wear whatever you like!

Sound Bath Yin & Meditation – This class is a Feast of Vibrations, using soothing tones and sound energy of Gong, crystal bowls, handmade Tibetan healing bowls and Voice. The power of Sound Healing is a profound way to connect with the Self, Spirit, Community and Universe in a palpable way. You will find deep relaxation but also experience clarity in sensation, emotion and thought after this meditative & receptive class. Receiving and tuning in to these vibrations will elevate your awareness. You’ll find connection & focus, while quieting the negative mind. Physiological benefits to sound therapy include decrease blood pressure, boost immune system, improve sleep & decrease anxiety. It only takes 90 seconds to completely reorganize the mind and body in a natural and healing way. Imagine a whole hour of magical transformation! This class usually runs once a month on Sunday evenings.

Yin Yoga Yin Yoga is the physical practice of yoga in which we use body weight and gravity to lengthen the Connective Tissue (which binds bones, organs, muscles etc) using static sinking stillness in poses held for 3-5 mins each. It is more deep than restorative yoga, but equally as relaxing.


Women carry a deep wisdom that intuitively understands the very natural process of birth. Through reconnecting with this wisdom, we will guide you through a yoga class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy, interweaving birthing techniques as well as giving therapeutic suggestions to common aches and pains. All levels of experience are welcome.

Prenatal Strength Training This hour-long circuit training workout will incorporate strength training with resistance bands and body weight, light-to-moderate cardio intervals and core exercises.  You can expect a total body sweat session that will help you get into your best shape during your pregnancy!  These workouts will also help prepare your body for labor & delivery and provide a foundation for your postpartum recovery.  This is an all levels fitness class.


Mommy & Me – This class if for new mommies and their little ones (generally up to 8 months or so). Spend special time with your baby yogi on the mat, enjoying gentle and playful poses to relax the body, clear the mind, and bring you and baby even closer.  Pre-crawlers only please.

Mama’s Movin (little babes – 4 year olds) – This class is a true free for all! Open to Mama’s with little babies – 4 year olds; this class is for the Mama’s while the little ones romp around. A little bit wild but a grand time for all! BYOT (bring you own toy) and no snacks allowed please.

Kids/Toddler Yoga Series (ages 2-4) – We will explore breathing and yoga postures through creative story-telling, playful exercises, and child-oriented meditations. The 30 minute classes will offer our toddlers a safe environment to play, explore, and experience the wonderful benefits of yoga including centering, self-expression, balance, and flexibility. The classes have been structure to teach our young children frustration tolerance, impulse control, turn-taking and socialization. In addition, the games and stories will help support learning about numbers, animals, working with others, and self-regulation. Parents and caretakers are asked to stay for the session although participation is not necessary (but welcomed). This series typically runs seasonally.

Family Yoga – Bring your kids, ages 4-8, to this fun class designed to introduce the world of yoga through stories and play. Together we’ll journey to far-off places, practice kid-friendly poses, and tap into the child inside us all.  Get ready for an adventure! This class typically runs on various Saturdays.

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New Student Mama’s Special:$35 Two Weeks Unlimited for ALL Classes!

Adult, Prenatal, Mommy & Me Yoga:

  • Drop in Single Class: $17
  • Wednesdays Like Woah! $30 Kundalini + Meditation (one of each class; must be taken on the same day)
  • 10 Class Card: $140
  • 20 Class Card: $275
  • 1 Month Unlimited: $120 (autopay only; 10 day cancellation notice)
  • 3 Month Unlimited $330
  • Five Month Unlimited $500 (special for October only and our 5 year anniversary)
  • Yearly Unlimited: $1300 ($108 per month!)

Beautiful Belly Card: $775 (enjoy yoga during your entire pregnancy!)

Family Yoga, Kids/Toddler Yoga, Mama’s Movin’:

  • Drop in Single Class: $15 (one parent & one child)
  • $5 additional for each parent or child
  • 5 Class Card: $65

* 15% off for students and seniors 65+

Private Sessions: Please email or call 267.519.9037