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Positively Pregnant: Expecting a Healthy Pregnancy & Your Very Best Birth with Elizabeth Varaso

At MWJ we offer a comprehensive pregnancy, birth and postpartum series that consists of THREE different classes for you to choose from. Take all 3 in our Childbirth Education Intensive.

This series serves as your trusted guide from your 1st trimester all the way through your 4th trimester. From your your earliest questions about a healthy pregnancy, continuing on as you prepare for labor and birth, all the way through postpartum wellness, breastfeeding and basic newborn care, each class in this series is designed to give you exactly the information and tools you need, just as you need them.

It's recommended to take the Class One - Positively Pregnant before 20 weeks of pregnancy; Class Two - Confident & Prepared Birth Class between 20 and 35 weeks of pregnancy; and Class Three - Postpartum Wellness, Breastfeeding & Newborn Care between weeks 30 and 37 of your pregnancy.

Positively Pregnant - a healthy pregnancy and your very best birth

Fresh on the heels of the excitement of your positive pregnancy test, you find out that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there for pregnant people, much of it telling you what you can't eat, can't do, and what you should be worried and afraid about. This class is designed to be taken before 20 weeks of pregnancy when you have the opportunity to set a positive course of of hopeful expectations for a healthy pregnancy and a birth that you can look forward to. Learn to distinguish between the real do's and don'ts of pregnancy, set a foundation of appreciating pregnancy and birth as normal life events, surround yourself with positive stories about birth, sharpen your decision making skills and intuition and discover the exercises and practices that you most need to be doing to prepare for birth, but that no one is probably telling you about. This class meets for 2 hours on a weekend afternoon.

Self Care Investment: $50

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*(If after taking Positively Pregnant you decide to take the other classes in this series, you will recoup your investment by receiving $25 off your Confident & Prepared Birth Class and $25 off your Postpartum Wellness, Breastfeeding & Newborn Care class.)