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Infant Nutrition & Solid Food with Brittany McCollum

This workshop is ideal for parents with a child two months to one year of age. Class topics include the basics of childhood nutrition and covers the introduction of solid foods to the breastfed and/or formula fed infant. Topics covered include water intake, iron, and vitamin D in the exclusively breastfed baby as well as the “cereal myth” and signs of readiness for solid foods. A food introduction timeline is discussed including the foods with which to begin and how to know the baby is getting enough. Common food-related concerns and food allergies – how to avoid them and how to detect allergic reactions – are discussed. The class also includes basic instruction and tips on making baby food at home and suggests books and websites for more information. Meeting the child’s nutritional needs while adhering to alternative diets including that of the vegan and vegetarian are also covered. Time is allowed for questions and handouts are provided for families to take home.

$40 Investment per family

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