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Belly Time & Beyond with Sara Brummer

Belly time with your baby starts on Day One! Learn simple tips and tricks for
incorporating belly time into your baby’s busy life right away. This interactive class will
share simple do’s and don’ts for positioning and how to promote your baby’s gross
motor development through bonding and playtime. Bring your baby along and learn:
● Why belly time is important
● Adaptations for when your baby doesn’t like belly time
● How to safely use baby equipment
● Developmental milestones to expect in the first 4 months
● Engaging ways to promote development through bonding and play time
● Q & A: get answers to your infant development questions!

About Sara: Sara Brummer is a physical therapist with over 15 years experience
exclusively in pediatrics. Since earning her Doctorate in 2003, Sara has worked in
hospitals, schools, outpatient clinics, and private homes to help infants and children with
a vast array of neuromotor disorders meet their goals. Her specialities include infant
development, torticollis, prematurity, and low muscle tone. As a mama of two, Sara
makes parent education a priority, helping families fit infant development activities into
everyday routines.

Self Care Investment $35 per family

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