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Healing Through Pleasure: Yoni Eggs and Feminine Sensuality with Tabitha Jester

Join Sensual Educator and Pelvic Floor Specialist, Tabitha Jester, for a fun, powerful, and life changing workshop exploring WHY our sensual aliveness and pleasure is our greatest life skill! The goal of this workshop is to educate and empower women on their journey to healing, reclaiming, and channeling their feminine magic and pleasure into all areas of their lives.

Our bodies are our sanctuaries, and for far too long we've left major and sacred parts of ourselves in the dark. Letting others dictate, use, and tell us how they should be treated and cared for. This has led to much pain and dysfunction as we've neglected our greatest source of power, disowning and even villainizing the part of us we should cherish and love most.

Our Feminine Core. Yoni. Pussy. Vagina. Pelvis. Seat of Creation. Intuition. Portal of Life. Reproductive Organs. No matter what you call it, ALL of us have felt the sting of our fractured relationship with ourselves.

Anxiety, depression, anger, chronic stress, overactive brain, emotional overwhelm, loss of pleasure and passion, lack of creativity and inspiration, pelvic issues and organ prolapse, overactive or underactive libido, bladder issues, sciatica and low back pain, poor flexibility and stability in fitness and yoga, the list goes on...
Many of us think these are unrelated, part of our bodies aging, or just "bad days", but the truth is that all of this can be traced back to the physical, emotional, and mental side effects of a deep disconnect from our bodies, our self-care, and our intuition.
What would your life be like if you had a deeper understanding of your current experiences and struggles as a woman? If you have access to powerful and pleasurable tools to help you heal your dysfunction and activate more joy and bliss in your life?
What would it mean to you to finally be able to feel yourself, hear yourself, and communicate yourself without all the frustration and "I don't know why I feel this way!" moments?

If that sounds magical and amazing, then this workshop experience is for you! In this 4hr event, Tabitha will help you:

Demystifying ”the feels”; Connect with your body, get out of your head, and create a new relationship with yourself through the practice of pleasure.
Know your Female Anatomy; learn to assess, heal, and activate your pelvic floor for super charged healing and energy
Unlock your healing and pleasure with Yoni Eggs, find out what they are and how to use them for Healing, Pleasure, and even Self Development

Self Care investment is $147 and includes:

* Support, sisterhood, and connection with other powerful women looking to heal and live their best life!

* 4hr in person Workshop experience

* A womb Healing Kit valued at over $160

* Light refreshments and beverages

* Exclusive access to virtual classes, and private coaching with Tabitha

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Tabitha Jester is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Pelvic Floor Specialist, and Yoni Egg Educator with over 12 years of holistic healing experience. Her own health and pelvic pain struggles led her toward the path of deep research, learning, and experimenting with ancient healing practices as she wasn't willing to accept her health struggles as a life sentence. Her path to successful healing inspired her to educate others as she never wanted another women to be left feeling broken, passionless, and destined for a life half lived by betrayal of her body.

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