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Myofascial Release with Deb Brownstein

Myofascial release is a manual technique that works on the connective tissue of the body called fascia. Fascia connects all the bones, muscles and organs to each other and helps everything move in relation to each other. This is also what keeps things together and allows you to fold forward, arch back or jump around without everything falling apart inside of you. This internal webbing is what helps muscles groups communicate with one another and what makes you want to get out of your office chair and stretch or roll your neck around after sitting for too long.

Tightness or restrictions in the fascia can develop anywhere from the jaw to the feet! Some causes of myofascial tension are poor posture, prolonged sitting, chronic inflammation, surgery and injury which impact surrounding connective tissues. Tension, tightness and adhesions can cause pain and limit mobility.

In this practice we will use the small myofascial balls to compress, stretch, and work on liberating your fascia from head to toe, as time allows. This workshop is suitable for everyone!

Healing investment: $25

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