On a beautiful summer day in Woodstock, NY, fresh off a yoga retreat, the ladies of Mama's Wellness Joint dipped their toes into the Millstream. They began to daydream of a place where their local Philadelphia community could have a refuge in nature just a short drive from the city - a gathering of health and wellness practitioners offering classes, workshops and retreats centered around yoga, nourishing seasonal foods, and mindful living. They conceived a not-for-profit organization to expand the reach of Mama’s Wellness Joint and imagined an educational component, a virtual platform to support both the local and online community. 

Shortly after, they attained non-profit status, set a goal to secure a piece of property, and 'The Collective' was born. 

We would be so grateful for your support of any kind!

We have a crowdfunding site where you can donate, or contact for more information.