On a beautiful summer day in Woodstock, NY, fresh off a yoga retreat, a few ladies of the staff at Mama's Wellness Joint dipped their toes into the Millstream. They began to daydream of a place where their local Philadelphia community could have a refuge in nature just a short drive from the city - a gathering of health and wellness practitioners offering classes, workshops and retreats centered around yoga, nourishing seasonal foods, and mindful living. Their vision included a nonprofit organization to expand the reach of Mama’s Wellness Joint and provide a retreat property. 

Shortly after, they attained nonprofit status, and began looking at options for fundraising, developing the vision and communicating the plan.

This spring we will be testing and planting hemp from seed, to see how hemp likes growing here in Pennsylvania. Is there a hemp farm in our future? Why not!

If you have other ideas on fundraising, we have experienced entrepreneurs here who can put it into action. Along with the other incredible women of the collective who are creating amazing things in Philadelphia, Bev and Paige started Mama's Wellness Joint from a dream and dedication…now almost seven years later the studio is thriving and growing. 

If you learn of a lovely property that needs tending, please let us know. Please stay tuned for our next development!