Nicolle bNicolle Barrett: Nicolle Barrett has turned her deep rooted passion for nature, culture, and human connection into various forms of movement. A Philadelphia native, she has returned to Philadelphia after spending 2013-2016 studying yoga and circus arts in addition to teaching throughout Asia, Australia, and Europe. She is passionate about sharing what she has personally experienced through her spiritual journey, and it’s her greatest bliss and honor to share it with you, in its entirety.
unnamedPatricia Blumenauer: Patricia is an RYT 200 certified vinyasa yoga teacher.  As an athlete, Patricia was drawn to yoga to become more flexible; she bounced around different studios and experimented with different types until she found a true passion for Vinyasa.  Once she became a more serious practitioner Patricia quickly discovered the many benefits that yoga could bring to one’s physical, emotional, and mental health.  Always armed with a great playlist of songs to accompany the practice, Patricia’s classes are infused with a supportive atmosphere and include physical poses accessible for students of all levels.  She emphasizes proper alignment and encourages mindfulness through readings based on classical and contemporary texts, while focusing on meeting one’s body and mind where it is every individual time one comes to their mat.
DebpicDeb Brownstein: Formerly a marine biologist, Debbie found yoga in 2008 when she was transitioning into the role of mothering two small children, trying to stay active and most importantly, remain calm doing it. Taking her three years of experience and body awareness from private Pilates instruction, where she learned techniques for healing the body post partum, Debbie transitioned to Yoga, which provided a safe place to move, feel supported and also release stress and tension. When pregnant with her third baby in 2009 Debbie found her passion for prenatal yoga and the power of the breath to calm the mind. Debbie began her training in 2009 with Dhyana Yoga (Ashtanga lineage, vinyasa) and followed it with an alignment based training in 2013 with esteemed teachers Justicia DeClue and Zhenja La Rosa at Maha Yoga and Healing Arts. Through these trainings Debbie became empowered to share the profound wisdom of yogic philosophy with her students, taking a keen interest in helping new mothers feel strong, powerful and trusting in their pregnant bodies.  In 2013 Debbie completed her prenatal teacher training in two parts, first in New York City with Jennifer Pettit at Chandrakala Yoga and then with Sue Elkind of Dig Yoga in Lambertville, NJ.  In 2014, Debbie created Love Light Yoga to focus on teaching new mothers in the privacy of their home or in small group settings, how to feel mentally and physically empowered on their journey to motherhood and beyond.  Having labored and birthed three children naturally, Debbie uses her experience to speak to women about their innate strength and wisdom. Classes with Debbie inspire confidence, courage and promote connection between mothers and the miracle growing inside them.
EllaCudaElla Cuda: Ella discovered yoga’s physical and mental healing capacity after sustaining an injury while dancing; since her initial introduction to the practice her passion has flourished.Yoga helps maintain peace and balance in her life as well as offers a source of community and spirituality.  Yoga has allowed Ella to “let go” of many inhibitions; she strives to offer a class that allows others to also release into their potential and enjoy their practice in a safe and supportive environment.  She believes everyone can benefit from yoga and loves sharing her enthusiasm for the practice on and off the mat.
Dahvia Dalton:Dahvia began her yoga journey in 2001 as a way to relieve stress and stay fit during her demanding job in film and television production. In Los Angeles she was fortunate enough to practice and learn from great teachers such as Max Strom and Michelene Berry. During her pregnancy she practiced prenatal yoga daily and found it so inspiring that she decided to take her love of yoga to the next level. After having her son, Dahvia completed a 200 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training training followed by a 300 hour yoga apprenticeship with a focus on prenatal yoga. Since 2012 Dahvia has been teaching Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Prenatal, Mommy & Me and Kids yoga. She also teaches wellness workshops and yoga at community centers for low income families. All of her classes emphasize pranayama, meditation and gentle yet challenging exploration of movement. Dahvia feels honored to share her passion for yoga and wellness to all of her students.
rachelpicRachel Utain Evans: A born and bred Philly girl, Rachel has been practicing yoga since 2002 and began teaching in 2014. Yoga has been a source of balance, healing and calm, and Rachel loves to challenge her students to find strength and confidence on the mat. After practicing through two pregnancies, and going through teacher training with baby #2 on board, she has developed a real passion for prenatal yoga and working with new mamas and continues to seek out prenatal and post partum insights to share. And when she’s not talking bellies and babies in class, she’s out photographing them (www.racheluephoto.com).

adi sangeeta

Adi Sangeeta: I began practicing Yoga in 2003, as a timid and insecure student. I thought I was the only one who didn’t know what I was doing and was nervous to call attention to my novice practice. After a few years of practicing without real purpose, I came to my mat with a burning need for self-exploration. I was at a crossroads in my life, not knowing what my future path would offer or how I could contribute to my personal growth. I dedicated myself to my mat. I practiced asana every day; I chanted; I cried; I questioned; I learned. All of these things were new and foreign, often uncomfortable. Yet the practice led me to find clarity and a sense of purpose through all the muck. Yoga became my teacher and led me to answering heavy questions I was asking myself. There was no going back. I studied vigorously the teachings of BKS Iyengar with amazing teachers including Ellen Greenberg, Jonathan Dickstein, Rebecca Hooper, and Lisa Johnson. I developed a deep respect for the body and became fascinated with the action of the muscles. I began to move with more awareness and to pay close attention to the inner workings of the body. Yoga became much more than the work I began doing initially. It opened doors of understanding and profound information that was not only intriguing but essential to becoming my authentic Self. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, knowing the body on a physical level is key to my professional success. As a yogi, exploring the mind and the spirit is equally as important to my personal success. Teaching Yoga comes with a new bag of personal challenges. I find that my strongest growth happens when I push myself to experience new adventures and confront my fears. Transitioning from being a student on the mat to a leading a class keeps me listening to my inner voice and exploring balance within my Self. I received my 250 hour Foundational Teacher Training from Wake Up Yoga in 2015 and continued on to study an intensive 30 hour Yin Yoga Training with Corina Benner. I am so grateful to be on this Path!

david hemDavid Hem: My message in my teachings is to simply just have fun with your practice…on and off the mat. Enjoy your life on this earth. Nobody truly knows what’s after this…but what we do know is that life is short. Why not be happy? Why not live?
amandaAmanda Jacobs: Amanda first began her yoga journey in 2006 and has never looked back. No matter what  elements set up shop in her life, she always returns to her mat for grounding, strength and light. After obtaining a 50-hour youth yoga teacher certification from Philadelphia’s Yoga Child studio in 2009, she began teaching children in local schools, studios, preschools, synagogues, churches, museums and summer camps.  In 2013, Amanda completed a 200- hour teacher certification program at Maha Yoga and Healing Arts, and is passionate about yoga therapeutics, emotional balance, and proper alignment on the mat- all of which are incorporated into her classes. As a trained birth and postpartum doula, Amanda continued her knowledge and desire to serve local mama’s and completed a 20-hour prenatal yoga intensive training in 2015.
katesmileKate Jesuele: Kate Jesuele is a Philadelphia-born-and-raised certified personal trainer with a special interest in helping individuals work towards transformations in their body, mind, spirit and the world around them.  Kate holds additional certifications in prenatal/postpartum fitness and dance/movement therapy, and is currently pursuing a certification in holistic fitness.  Over the past five years, her experience as a fitness professional includes providing dance/movement therapy to older adults, physical education to elementary school students, and countless hours of personal training to individuals with a wide range of goals.  Kate is especially passionate about working with women who have embarked on the journey of pregnancy and motherhood!
jess naimJess Naim: Jess Naim is a Philadelphia based Intuitive, Energy Practitioner, Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. It is her honor to work with people on a Soul level, aligning the Bodies Energy Centers to release and Transform limiting patterns unlocking the Freedom to be their authentic selves. She believes that with Loving Grace, dedication and PLAY we can find the Liberation we long for. This is a life long Journey that keeps getting better.
kelly wKelly Wong: Kelly discovered yoga in 2009 while rehabilitating after foot surgery. Through asana practice and meditation, she discovered how to approach her healing, as well as life’s challenges, with a steady breath and calm mind. She completed a 250-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training at Dhyana Yoga (Ashtanga lineage) in 2013, as well as 50-hour Yoga Immersion training at Dig Yoga (alignment-based) in 2014. Additionally, she completed the Mind-Body Medicine and Mindful Meditation program at Penn with Dr. Michael Baime in 2006. With the help of an experienced doula and an eager husband, Kelly applied mindfulness, breath work, and asana during labor and the natural, unmedicated birth of her son. Four months postpartum, she embarked on an 85-hour prenatal and postnatal training at Dig Yoga with Sue Elkind in 2015. Kelly’s classes offer emphasis on alignment and promote a healthy, sustainable practice to yogis of all levels. Kelly is passionate about holding the space for mothers who seek both a balanced practice and equanimity during pregnancy and motherhood. Off the mat, Kelly is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a strong interest in functional and integrative medicine. She aims to serve clients wholly through medicine and movement. When she isn’t practicing yoga or medicine, Kelly enjoys taking weekend picnics and strolls to the farmers’ market with her husband, son, and rescue mutt.

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