• At MWJ we take care of everyone! Men, women, kids, and babies. Not just the Mama’s
  • All classes are open to students of all levels. If you’re new to yoga (and not pregnant) we recommend starting out with our Beginners Yoga Four Week Series OR a more gentle class. With that said, come to any class that suits your schedule and we’ll take good care of you!
  • The $35 two week special is open to ALL students new to the studio: 14 days of unlimited yoga
  • Pregnant women are welcome to begin yoga at any stage all the way up (and past) their due date so long as they are feeling good. We recommend taking the prenatal classes since they are specifically designed for pregnancy. Other options would include Gentle Vinyasa or Yin Yoga. Our prenatal classes are open to all levels of experience and stages of pregnancy
  • You DO NOT need to have your prenatal Drs. form signed BEFORE your first class. Although we do like to have the form signed as soon as possible if your practicing with us regularly throughout your pregnancy
  • You are welcome to sign up ahead of time online through MindBody online OR drop in for any class
  • The busiest prenatal classes are weekdays at 6pm and weekend mornings
  • We recommend taking our Childbirth Education series sometime after 20 weeks and the Yoga for Labor class as close to your due date as possible. With that said, these classes will benefit you whenever your schedule allows

Please contact us at info@mamaswellnessjoint.com or 267-519-9037 for any additional questions