How to Recognize the Fabulous Mom that you are (& not go bonkers in the process!)

Date - Wednesday, June 12
7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

You love being a Mom. You love your kids. You love your partner.

But, sometimes do you ever wonder:

– Why you are just not as happy as you thought you would be?
– Why you feel so overwhelmed sometimes as a mother?
– Where your old self went?
– Why motherhood just seems so hard and why sometimes it seems
as if you can never do enough?

It’s time to step back from the intense role of being a mother and reexamine who YOU are as a person in this new role.

The Workshop for the Woman behind the Mom. In this workshop, you will:

– learn about how to get to the heart of what is so hard about modern motherhood
– learn about the importance of integrating who you are as a mother and a person outside of motherhood
– leave feeling inspired an hopeful that there is a less stressful, happier and more peaceful way to be a mom

Enroll today and move towards making motherhood make sense!

Price: $20 (includes a 20 page workbook and BONUS one-onon- one personalized 30 minute coaching session)

About Cristina:

A seasoned facilitator and mother of 3, I give mothers the opportunity to reflect on what motherhood means for them, what is working and what is not. I create a non-judgmental environment, where women can speak openly. I also provide simple strategies participants can use to manage motherhood with less angst and more joy. For more information, visit

What Moms are Saying:

“I can tell you it made a real difference in my life!”

“Thank you for putting together a workshop that was real. “

“Great discussion. Interesting ideas. Some of them truly liberating. Thanks for the workshop! “

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