Relaxation Station: Tips, Tricks, and Practices to RELAX MORE & MANAGE STRESS in 2014

Date - Saturday, January 18
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Stress-Free in 2014!
HA! Let’s get real.  It’s nearly impossible these days to be stress-free, though it IS possible to feel stress-free by increasing awareness of how your body and mind react to stressors, along with understanding how to relax to allow that energy to flow through you instead of getting stuck in you.  Join Liana Cameris is this 90-minute workshop where you’ll learn and practice essential techniques, tools and tricks to calm your nervous system and mind, giving you greater choice and ease in how to deal with life as it comes to you.  Give yourself (and your loved ones) the gift this new year of being the kool kat you know you can be. Sign up here for $20! After 1/11, $25