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Meditation (donation only) - Join us for a 30 minute class that is all about relaxation and centering the mind. You will focus on your breath to quiet the mind and move further inward. Wonderful for anxiety and stress, proven to lower blood pressure, and many other ailments.

Gentle Yoga - A restorative based all levels yoga practice integrating fundamental breath work, a gentle series of Sun Salutations, and the synchronicity of breath in combination with flowing movement. This class includes restorative poses and is perfect for a more mature age and postpartum.

Gentle Vinyasa - A nurturing all levels vinyasa practice where movement and restorative poses are weaved together. You will still get a flow, but also a bit more R&R. This class is good for beginners, a more mature age, and postpartum.

Nurturing Slow Flow – Designed to nurture the female body and spirit with gentle breath work, slow flowing asana, and poses that bring awareness to areas of the body where pain and tension are held. Perfect for women experiencing postpartum symptoms or needing extra care.

Therapeutics – Help heal your injuries and chronic pain. In this Therapeutic class you will be guided through ways to practice safely and strongly so that you can progress without pain or fear.

Align and Flow – A flow style class with particular attention to alignment and body awareness. Props are used and time is spent to fine tune the asanas.

Align & Refine - In this Anusara-inspired flow class we focus on practicing safe alignment in our bodies so that we can move with ease and grace. We’ll also work on connecting our physical bodies with our spirituality, creating a healthy and inspiring yoga practice that transcends the mat and trickles in to your daily life. This is a great way to end a long week and start a new one with a fresh start.

Mama’s Breath - Come receive the nurturing that only a “mama” can give: a woman’s touch in a cozy space, available for you to rejuvenate and get centered. Expect an ambience of candles, natural incense, essential oils, light touch, healing instruments, and music. Each gathering concludes with tea and a light snack. All are welcome! Bring: your stress, your boo-boos, your weary body & spirit. Wear: comfortable clothing, loose around the neck. Exchange: pay what you can between $15-55

Men’s Yoga – A more firey vinyasa foundation level class focusing on men’s weaknesses (general lack of flexibility, tight shoulders, hips, hamstrings, etc.) and men’s strengths (strength!). This class is crafted for the beginner & those possibly intimidated by the idea of practicing yoga, but is nonetheless challenging, full of options, & full of… sweat!

Rise and Shine $10 – Wake up and warm the body with easy asana, a simple flow, breath work, and a gentle wind down. A perfect way to start the day out right.

Yoga Core – A yoga and pilates inspired class that focuses specifically on the core. We will engage the whole body while working this challenging target area. Perfect for postpartum Mama’s and others looking to tone the belly.

Lunch Flow $10 – A mid-day, one hour rejuvenating flow that will keep you feeling revived, calm, and centered for the rest of your day.

Bliss Flow – A slower-paced, bliss-filled flow for all-levels. Soft candlelight will create an intimate glow for this mid-week centering and grounding class complete with pranayama and meditation

Brunch Flow – An energetic vinyasa flow that combines both strength and flexibility in body, mind and spirit.

Vinyasa – This class is a full body experience with the intention to cleanse the physical body, open the energetic body, deepen the breath and induce a state of meditation leaving you feeling calm and energized.

Restorative – A calming and nurturing practice where props are used to support and soothe the body and mind. R&R guaranteed!

Revival Flow - Brothers and sisters!! Now’s the time!!! Reawaken that relaxed weekend softness with the fire of YOGA!  Rejuvenate and cleanse the body of its impurities! Focus the mind & body with breath and movement! Twist and shout and praise your body as your temple!

Open Meditation - Experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation that so many have discovered. Guided meditation and information on incorporating mindfulness into everyday life will help you to establish a new practice, or support an existing practice. Open to those who have never done meditation.

Nia – Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Journey Dance - Weaving simple, guided movement sequences and free exploration, JourneyDance™ reconnects you with your innate state of joyous well-being. Your mind becomes clear, free, and positive, and your body feels supple, energized, and powerful.


Women carry a deep wisdom that intuitively understands the very natural process of birth. Through reconnecting with this wisdom, we will guide you through a class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy, interweaving birthing techniques as well as giving therapeutic suggestions to common aches and pains.

Baby Bump Boot Camp: Pump Up Your Bump! This hour-long circuit training workout will incorporate strength training with resistance bands and body weight, light-to-moderate cardio intervals and core exercises.  You can expect a total body sweat session that will help you get into your best shape during your pregnancy!  These workouts will also help prepare your body for labor & delivery and provide a foundation for your postpartum recovery.  This is an all levels fitness class. BEGINS IN NOVEMBER!


Mommy & Me – This class if for new mommies and their little ones (generally up to 8 months or so). Spend special time with your baby yogi on the mat, enjoying gentle and playful poses to relax the body, clear the mind, and bring you and baby even closer.  Pre-walkers only please.

Baby & Me – This class is for new mama’s, PAPA’s, and their little ones! Spend special time with your baby yogi on the mat, enjoying gentle and playful poses to relax the body, clear the mind, and bring you and baby even closer. Pre-walkers only please.

Breastfeeding Support Group - Ever heard breastfeeding should be easy? Be patient with yourself new mama. Maybe it can be, with the right support network and a little guidance. Hope to see you at our breastfeeding support group led by Danielle Chu, a lactation consultant in the field and current breastfeeding mama. What to expect: Mother to mother peer support across the continuum of motherhood, gentle facilitation by an IBCLC, with healthy snacks provided at each meeting. Suggested donation of $5

The Village Playgroup & Mama Hang – Need some time with likeminded women to connect with your mini? Here’s your chance! Come chat and chill in our relaxing studio while your kiddo romps around with the gang. Suggested donation of $5

Mama’s Movin (little babes – 4 year olds) – This class is a true free for all! Open to Mama’s with little babies – 4 year olds; this class is for the Mama’s while the little ones romp around. A grand time for all!

Little Yogis (ages 3-6) – Let’s cultivate a love for practicing yoga early in our kids! Join Amanda as she leads Little Yogis, a class geared towards our children who are blossoming into mindful, playful and inspiring young folks. Asana, pranayama, songs, dance, mindfulness meditations, and interpretative journaling are all rolled up into one truly amazing class.

Kids/Toddler Yoga (ages 2-4) – We will explore breathing and yoga postures through creative story-telling, playful exercises, and child-oriented meditations. The 30 minute classes will offer our toddlers a safe environment to play, explore, and experience the wonderful benefits of yoga including centering, self-expression, balance, and flexibility. The classes have been structure to teach our young children frustration tolerance, impulse control, turn-taking and socialization. In addition, the games and stories will help support learning about numbers, animals, working with others, and self-regulation. Parents and caretakers are asked to stay for the session although participation is not necessary (but welcomed).

PJ Yoga Jam! A fun-filled explorative evening for kids to wind down while learning basic yoga poses and breathing exercises. Parents! Maybe grab a quick Friday evening glass of wine while you have some time?? Kiddos, wear your comfiest attire (PJ’s ?) and prepare for endless stories, yoga adventures, and body coordination games. Bringing one other “friend” to class is HIGHLY encouraged! (american girl doll, barbie, action figure, teddy bear etc) All are welcome to come play yoga.

Family Yoga - Bring your kids, ages 3-7, to this fun class designed to introduce the world of yoga through stories and play. Together we’ll journey to far-off places, practice kid-friendly poses, and tap into the child inside us all.  Get ready for an adventure!

Private Sessions – Please email or call 267.519.9037


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