I Am and You Are, The Shit

I have been practicing Kundalini regularly for almost a year now and within that lineage of yoga is an incredibly beautiful emphasis on the magnificent power of being a woman. Yogi Bhajan (the man who brought Kundalini to the West) would say that as women, we are the creators. We hold the entire power of the universe within us. Isn’t that amazing to hear?! After generations of women competing with one another, deeply judging, criticizing, and mentally tearing ourselves down (even if only a little bit), it’s time to stop the madness with the rising of the aquarian age. This whole ‘Goddess Rising’ thing is REAL and the exciting thing is it’s only going to get stronger and grow deeper. In the kundalini tradition they have a sweet mantra to repeat to help with our own self concept and empowerment, “I am bountiful, blissful, and beautiful.” You can repeat this anytime…mentally while you walk down the street, get ready for an important meeting, conversation, date, while you’re cooking, and even better to do it verbally while you’re in the shower or looking in the mirror putting on your moisturizer, etc. It’s crazy how powerful it is when you do it while looking at your own reflection. Don’t be surprised if the tears start flowing! Some of us are dealing with years of repressed self love and it is truly intense to start peeling off these layers.

I recently met with a lovely student of mine that was having a hard time standing up for herself and speaking her truth – in work and within her romantic relationship. I gave her a different mantra. One that I find equally empowering. “I am the shit.” You may laugh but this mantra will have you strutting down the street with your chest out and head held high in no time! I started working with this one along with ‘I am bountiful, blissful, and beautiful.’ I may use it when I’m feeling a bit more sassy or when I really need to light a fire of strength within me to deal with whatever it may be. I’m telling you it works! Even my student came back to tell me how much it was helping her.

The thing is, when we empower ourselves to feel strong, capable, beautiful, healthy, and happy, that vibration seeps into EVERY facet of our lives. It improves our family dynamic, work, romantic relationships, and it is so nourishing for our female friendships. What if we spent our time elevating each other instead of sinking into constant thoughts of comparison and judgement? Big things would happen. I know for sure because I see the beauty and expansion within myself and the women in my life who are practicing this.

You are the shit! Bountiful, blissful, and beautiful. Know it. Believe it. Practice it.

Love Always.


P.S. I will be speaking more about this in my next January edition of Divine Space and here is the ‘Bountiful, Blissful, and Beautiful‘ mantra on Spotify.

For a deeper practice and from the book ‘Immense Grace’ by my teacher Guru Jagat (sold at MWJ)

“Stand naked in front of a full length mirror. Looking at yourself, repeat the mantra, “I am bountiful, blissful, and beautiful. Bountiful, blissful, beautiful, am I. Continue to look at yourself and repeat the mantra for 1 to 11 minutes. To end, inhale, close your eyes, and feel your vastness.”

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